The Christmas and new year period is a subjective experience. Some love every minute of it, and cross each day off on the calendar enthusiastically until it arrives. Others dread it, and spend December feeling angry and full of hatred for the ridiculous charade of what we call Christmas and everything it stands for.

But what happens when all the festivities are over? The Christmas tree is coming down, leaving your house feeling bare. Night after night you notice more sparkling fairy lights being taken down by your neighbours, and the streets return to a cold, wintry and dreary normality.

Maybe you made a new years resolution at the end of 2016 when your heart was brimming with hope, and your body aching for change? But have failed miserably on the first day of the New Year, and now you completely hate yourself.

So for those who really feel the end of the festive period, in whatever way that may, be this article is for you.

When the Good Times Make us Sick

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