Confidential, Safe and Trusting

In a counselling session I can offer you a confidential, safe and trusting environment where you can speak about and explore your issues at your own pace. This time will be your time and I shall give you my full attention and carefully listen to whatever you bring to the session.

The Person Centred Approach

The philosophy of the person-centred approach to counselling highlights that human beings  (and in fact all living beings) have a natural drive to move in directions which are more fulfilling and satisfying for them. However sometimes our environments, or the situations we find ourselves in can hinder this process and we can begin to feel stuck and unable to progress and develop.

As a person-centred counsellor I can give you the right conditions to promote your growth as a human being. I will give you a non judgemental understanding, and provide a secure environment where you can feel safe enough to explore your problems and personal needs on a deep and more meaningful level. Often as we go to these deeper levels of understanding, we find strength and resources within our very being which we may previously have not been aware of. From this, a power to solve or deal with problems can come about in a very natural and human way, which is also personal to the individual. This means that any changes or new ways of being are more likely to be permanent, as they will match with your own personal values.