Break the Silence of rape and Sexual Abuse

A friend/colleague who I work with at Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Service (BSARCS) shared this series of videos earlier on Facebook. I felt it was important to put them on my website and Facebook page, as the fear that comes with speaking out about experiences of rape and sexual abuse can be very intense and also paralysing for the person who has been though it.

What these videos do is inform us of what can happen when a person decides that it is time to break the silence and tell someone what has happened to them.

There is no pressure to report anything to the police, and if legal action isn’t something you are ready for, or want, you can receive counselling with someone such as myself to help you heal from what has happened.

However if legal action is something you are even slightly considering, or just want to know more about, these videos take away the mystery of what can occur after disclosure.

When we take away the mystery of something, it becomes less frighting.

The videos in the series are below…………