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I Love You so Much, You’re to Blame for Absolutely Everything

I would say practically everyone knows what it feels like to have an argument with a very close loved one. People take their frustrations out on the person they love most in the world and we often ask why? In this Philosophers’ Mail article it is explained how love can make you feel safe enough to show your most deranged side, the ugly parts and how when you are mean to your partner, it can actually be a strange symptom of love it’s self.

I want to point out two things before I post this link. The first being that the Philosophers’ Mail is not associated with the Daily Mail. It was instead created as an antidote to the way stories are covered in the Daily Mail.

The second point I wanted to make is that this article doesn’t touch upon abusive relationships. In no way should a person read this article and then believe that their partner beats them or emotionally abuses them because they love them, so therefore it’s okay. Abuse is unequal and very different to just having an argument with a loved one.

Here is the link to the article…….

Victim Blaming in Sexual Abuse

This article confronts the tenancy of some individuals to place blame onto the victim of a rape or sexual attack.  However wrong and outrageous this notion is, it does still happen in what should be an educated and civilised society. I believe it’s important to raise awareness about this subject, as when properly thought about the conclusion is obvious. The only person who is at fault is the person who decided to rape or sexually abuse someone else. To ponder what the victim did to make the abuser hurt them is to me, trying to justify the abuser’s behaviour which I find quite shocking. There is no excuse for rape and sexual abuse.