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Are you Estranged from a Family Member or your Whole Family? Stand Alone can Help

This year I have been co facilitating support groups with an organisation called Stand Alone which has been amazing. If you or anyone you know is estranged from a family member or maybe their whole family, it’s worth clicking the link below which reads ‘Stand Alone’ in big letters.

As we are all aware Christmas is coming which can be a particularly challenging time for people who don’t have good relationships with their families. It can be a lonely time but please remember you are not alone, there are many more who find themselves without a family to celebrate Christmas with. Stand Alone can help.

Stand Alone

Post Holiday Blues


The Christmas and new year period is a subjective experience. Some love every minute of it, and cross each day off on the calendar enthusiastically until it arrives. Others dread it, and spend December feeling angry and full of hatred for the ridiculous charade of what we call Christmas and everything it stands for.

But what happens when all the festivities are over? The Christmas tree is coming down, leaving your house feeling bare. Night after night you notice more sparkling fairy lights being taken down by your neighbours, and the streets return to a cold, wintry and dreary normality.

Maybe you made a new years resolution at the end of 2016 when your heart was brimming with hope, and your body aching for change? But have failed miserably on the first day of the New Year, and now you completely hate yourself.

So for those who really feel the end of the festive period, in whatever way that may, be this article is for you.

When the Good Times Make us Sick

The Panic Attack Symptoms Nobody Talks About

When the subject of panic attacks arises, we tend to think of sympoms such as a pounding heart, shortness of breath, sweating, shaking etc. However there is more to a panic attack than the symptoms which are most commonly spoken about.

Everybody experiences panic attacks in different ways, and some of you may have experienced derealization and depersonalization whilst having an anxiety attack.

Derealization leaves a person feeling disconnected from their surroundings. Stuck in their own bodies they are unable to find any comfort from holding onto someone or something familiar, as everything feels so unfamiliar and alien.

Depersonalization leaves a person feeling detached from themselves. Things which would have had much significance to them now have none, and even the sensation of being out of one’s body can be experienced. As if you are looking at yourself from the outside and not feeling yourself from within.

These mental states can actually be more frightening than the physical symptoms for some people who have had many panic attacks. Maybe because these symptoms are not as widely understood or discussed? Through understanding anxiety and learning about the way it effects us individually, we can lessen the impact of an anxiety attack when it happens. Self awareness is the key to gaining control.

Break the Silence of rape and Sexual Abuse

A friend/colleague who I work with at Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Service (BSARCS) shared this series of videos earlier on Facebook. I felt it was important to put them on my website and Facebook page, as the fear that comes with speaking out about experiences of rape and sexual abuse can be very intense and also paralysing for the person who has been though it.

What these videos do is inform us of what can happen when a person decides that it is time to break the silence and tell someone what has happened to them.

There is no pressure to report anything to the police, and if legal action isn’t something you are ready for, or want, you can receive counselling with someone such as myself to help you heal from what has happened.

However if legal action is something you are even slightly considering, or just want to know more about, these videos take away the mystery of what can occur after disclosure.

When we take away the mystery of something, it becomes less frighting.

The videos in the series are below…………

Anger issues

Do you or someone you know suffer with anger issues? This short video explains how we can give our power away when we explode with violent anger without thinking about what we are about to do first.