Ani Arnold MBACP, CertHE, Prof.Dip, Bsc

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 For counselling appointments please phone 07925377437

It is my belief that we all have the emotional intelligence to know what is best for us, along with how to grow and how to heal. It is my job as a counsellor to help you realise your potential and work with you in finding ways to heal by carefully listening to your individual experiencing.

I am a person-centred therapeutic counsellor based in Stocksbridge and Hillsborough in Sheffield. I will create a safe environment for you to come and work on your problems and issues. Whether you are feeling depressed  anxious, stuck, frustrated, or have experienced a trauma or loss, I will listen to you and we can work together to find the best way forward for you.

I see that every person is individual and unique, and I take this into consideration when it comes to the process of your therapy. Different things work for different people and this means that we will go at your pace and work in a way which suits you the best. This way, any changes or new ways of being are more likely to be permanent, as they will match with your own personal values.